Traveling From London to Geneva

We packed our bags, said our goodbyes, and schlepped into town back to the National Theatre for our last London special of coffee, croissant, and Creator. Jenn took a mini-nap while I took a brief stroll along the South Bank to Foyles where Lloyd, the store-manager-by-day/painter-by-night, and I struck up a conversation about our home country’s suffering politics and he put up a convincing argument to manage a bookstore while continuing one’s craft on the side. (Jenn is considering it.) 

I returned to the National Theatre, woke Jenn up to leave, and we continued on. We arrived at the Old Vic Theatre, home of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Daniel Radcliffe and my dear sweet Spennie Kitchen. The three of us met over tea and caught up on life, theatre, celebrities we know, and plans for the future. She sure knows how to remind people of their incomparable worth.


We added more of our life savings onto our Oyster Cards and trekked over to Vertigo 42, a rooftop champagne & tea bar in City of London. We had tea, champagne, sandwiches, and pastries while gazing out at panoramic views we had grown to love in five short days. With full hearts and full stomachs, we went back to Victoria Station to catch the Gatwick Express to the airport. It was sad to leave London, but we looked ahead eagerly to our next adventure that awaited us in Geneva, Switzerland.


Jenn and I weaved our way through the maze that is Gatwick Airport, stopping to discover the British form of Smarties, until we found EasyJet. A very nice gentleman (probably yet another angel) checked our bags for free. After spending most of the flight poking Jenn so she wouldn’t fall asleep, we arrived at Geneva airport, where Marc and Daniel picked us up. We crossed another border into the small town of Collognes sous-Saleve, France, where the Gruel Family welcomed us into their wonderful three-story French home. We all gathered around the dinner table to learn about each other, made some calls home, and went to sleep for the night, dreaming of the cheese and chocolate that awaited us the next day.